Shelley and Brian in front of Papi Queso food truck

Our Cheesy Story

We’ve been in the restaurant business forever. (Well, since the ages of 17 and 20. Which can sometimes feel like forever.)

In 2010, we started researching what it would look like to do our own thing. We saw what was happening in L.A. with Kogi then only a year old and a single truck. We wanted to bring that kind of energy to the streets of Charlotte. Beyond that, all we really knew is that we wanted to do comfort food. Shelley (the smart one) pushed for a grilled cheeseconcept from the beginning. I wasn’t so sure. At the time, I was more likely to make you an omelet a la Julia Child than a grilled cheese sandwich. We landed on a street food concept that involved reinventing our menu (and our truck) over and over, starting with grilled cheese.

That was in 2012. We never changed the menu.